Triple Nickel WWII veteran shares experiences

A four-mile stretch of 82nd Airborne soldiers, Sherman tanks and self-propelled howitzers paraded from Washington Square and up Fifth Avenue. Shreds of ticker tape cartwheeled from the windows of nearby buildings, celebratory flurries for those who recently returned from the war in Europe.

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A new season

In Tallahassee the beginning of spring brings many things – pool side volleyball, reasonable weather for flip flops, flowering gardens, and a hint of the end of the academic year.

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Integrating intelligence teams

Many battalion S-2 sections in combat support units do not house more than one or two intelligence analysts. With this structure, it is challenging to provide adequate intelligence to all of the battalions’ companies.

The 779th Engineer Battalion deployed to Iraq in 2009-2010, and operated throughout U.S. Division-North. Due to heightened operational tempo, the battalion S-2 determined that intelligence would be resourced down to the company level through the integration of Company Intelligence Support Teams (COISTs). This article reviews COIST training, and summarizes the successes and drawbacks of COIST integration.

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MET, Starbucks, etc.

We’re here!

Perhaps it is difficult to believe, but the majority of us is eager to move on from Wisconsin, from Kuwait, and relieved to see the fruition of our training and travels.

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The rainmakers

Shortly after the farewell ceremony ended it began to rain, the weather mirroring the worry of those staying behind. They wave tiny American flags and blow kisses as we drive past, and it feels like a scene out of a movie, except we’re on a coach bus heading towards Tallahassee Regional and not in a steam engine train traveling towards the coast.

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That’s a wrap

The level of our training increases along with the rising temperature. Fewer days are spent in the classroom, and the soldiers of the 779th Engineer Battalion find themselves throwing smoke grenades and assaulting through linear danger areas.

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